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Cricket-the game of ones up on a time------

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             The disciplinary committee of the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) headed by its president Narayanswamy Srinivasan, at its meeting  on Saturday came hard on to the heads of five domestic cricketers . Madhya Pradesh fast bowler T.P.S. Sudhindra was banned for life from playing in any form of domestic and international cricket.He was found guilty of receiving a consideration to spot-fix in a local domestic cricket match conferring on him the ignominy of being the third cricketer from India, after Mohammed Azharuddin and Ajay Sharma in 2000, to suffer a life ban for bringing the game into disrepute .Uttar Pradesh fast bowler Salabh Srivastavais to face a ban for five years for agreeing to spot fix and negotiate terms for the same, even though no actual match-fixing or spot fixing took place. The duo will now be berefted of the monthly gratis, benevolent fund, benefit match or any other facility offered to the players by the BCCI.Three others Madhya Pradesh batsman Mohnish Mishra, Goa all-rounder Amit Yadav and Himachal Pradesh batsman Abhinav Bali were penalised for one year for "loose talk and unsubstantiated bragging” .

Sudhindra was caught by India TV during a sting operation conducted before IPL 2012, and the footage showed Sudhindra bowling a no-ball during a local league game in Indore as agreed ,while Srivastava was caught on tape claiming “ franchises lure players promising through underhand deals to pay more than the the stipulated cap of Rs.30 lakhs for an uncapped IPL player”. The fixing is designed by luring the second layer of players in the IPL.The IPL playars who have not represented India in international games are given 30 Lakh rupees .But by the end of the IPL they get as much as 1.5 crores through the spot fixing.The betting ,money laundering and the late night parties have made the in Indian cricket digging its own grave.

The flow of illegal gratifications and match fixing are nothing new to Indian cricket.Transparency is the word that the gods of the cricket management in India loathe to chew."Betting on cricket in the legal and illegal markets continues to grow rapidly and, with many, many millions of dollars being bet on every match, the threat of corrupters seeking to influence the game has not gone away," so goes an ICC spokesperson quoted as saying.

The clamour for bringing the accounting of assets of BCCI under the purview of RTI has not been recognised as yet.

Mr Vicky Seth was stated to be telling “county cricket "is a good market" as it involves "low-profile matches and nobody monitors them. That's why good money can be made there without any hassle." The newspaper's investigation has suggested that the bookmakers offer thousands of pounds to the players. About 44,000 pounds to batsmen for slow scoring, 50,000 pounds for bowlers who concede runs and 750,000 pounds for a player or official who can guarantee a match outcome.

--------- India had won the semifinal match in which the “number of catches dropped by the Pakistan team had become a talking point”.

Recently another controversy was broiling in the center stage that a central minister was getting himself engaged directly in the star auctions.

Cricket is not a religion now.It has now metamorphosed in to a corporate business venture.

Salman Butt, Mohammad Asif and Mohammad Aamer -- Three Pakistan players –faced the music for 'spot-fixing' in a 2010 Test match against England and  were imprisoned in Britain.The Pakistan cricket captain Salman Butt was behind the bars for 30 months for his part in the conspiracy to bowl deliberate no-balls in the last year's Test match against England.Former world number two Test bowler Mohammad Asif, 28, was jailed for one year and bowler Mohammad Amir, 19, has been sentenced to six months.The judge, Mr Justice Cooke, said cricket matches would forever be tainted by the scandal.

"The image and integrity of what was once a game but is now a business is damaged in the eyes of all, including the many youngsters who regarded you as as heroes and would have given their eye teeth to play at the levels and with the skills that you had."

When IPL was ceremoniously brought in to the cricket firmament ,cricket has formed in to a gallery of profligate show of money by a slew of addons like TV rating,Advertisements,sponsorships and team auctions. The element of pastime has been completely awashed and in its place the economical concerns took the main theme.

IPL is run by mesmerizers in politics and business.Can cricket be resurrected by the BCCI? BCCI knew that there are bigger sharks involved in the shaddy match fixings . BCCI should equip itself to redeem the game,a game held so spiritedly by millions of Indians to their heart.The process should start by the BCCI by revamping the structure of the administration. Cricket should be taken away from the bastion of business .


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