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Navarathri festival

SreeNair | 8:42 AM |

In any civilized society women are placed at an exalted position either at par with men ,at times even in a more esteemed status. In the new cultures in which values and ideals are rotten ,it is only natural that women are pushed to the margins. In Sanathana dharma -the primordial Hindu culture of the world,social status of the women is considered sacred and is enshrined as a central theme. It is epitomized in the Navarathri festivals.

Unlike other religions where the God is conceptualized as masculine,in Sanathana Hindu religion women are ordained in an equal position as men. Stepping further Sri Shankara articulates that without Shakthi Siva is powerless. There is a belief that we have to depend on the Goddess of Maya to redeem ourselves from the birth-death cycle.The cosmos is the embodiment of Devi.The nature is the visible manifestation of God.To protect and preserve nature is the duty of mankind and it in itself is the worship of god.Nature is both the mother and foster mother to us. Our spiritual tomes like 'Vedas',our mother earth,the holy rivers like Ganga,Yamuna ,the domestic animals like holy cow-all those that help in the well being -are all our mothers.One cant find such an extensive concept of motherhood anywhere else in the world .

The Navarathri season is the important occasion in India for the worship of the Devi.We worship the Devi in the 9 days in three forms such as Kali,Lakshmi and Saraswathi.

The entity of oneself is being masked from him by the three 'Gunas'(Qualities) namely RajoGuna,ThamoGuna Sathwa Guna.During Navarathri Pooja the universal mother is worshipped as 'Kali,Lakshmi and Saraswathi.

The Devi in her Kali Bhavam protect us from the develish Thamo Guna.She leads us to the Rajo Guna in Lakshmi Bhavam. Finally in Saraswathi Bhavam the goddess lift us to self-enlightenment. Ater transcending the nine nights of self- realization the Bhaktha is hived to the dawn of knowledge and realisation.

'Look at everything in this universe with love and adoration ' is the message of Navarathri festival.That is why we offer the books,equipments, tools and vehicles for the poojas.The working tools are the symbols of our life.By offering them to the Goddess,we offer ourselves to the Devi.When we take them back after the Pooja, we become the instruments of the Devi purified and strong.

Navam means new.If we must get attracted to something it needs to be new.We can behold beauty only in novelty.There is only one thing in this universe which does not loose its the almighty.Finding newness in others is the manifestation of love within us. Love makes everything beautiful and new.In fact love and beauty are different facets of God. When we can see God life becomes refreshingly beautiful,sweet and full of happiness.


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