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C hrist’s birth embodies the simplicity in life. None can imagine a circumstance more miserable and dismal. The son of god took birth to lead a kindly light to righteousness, to redeem men from the sombre and forlorn life .The benign touch of God is there with every human being. Christmas teaches that all are sons of God and have equal rights to life. The greatness of god in the heights shall become peace on the earth. Christ takes birth in our hearts.

Jesus Christ’s birth is a pointer to his mission. God’s ways are mysterious! God stands by the poor, the destitute, the exploited and the downtrodden. He values them, whom the society considers valueless.

He comes as a deliverer, as a savior to the humanity. “My thoughts are not your neither are your ways my ways “says the Lord (Isa 55:8). Jesus was born with promising peace to the mankind “Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace among those with whom he is pleased!”(luke2:14).

Jesus was denied the space in the inn where the elite spend the night in ecstasy and was destined to take birth in the manger of the steeple in Bethlehem. Now the inn which ones were the symbol of elites is not there, nobody kept it secure, but the manger is still there attracting lakhs as their holy land. The son of god was born at a place where grasses, cows, sheep, shepherds subsisted together, the blessed habitat where flowers, birds, insects all coexist. First Christmas messages are received by the shepherds, the marginalized people in the society. Shepherds in the Jewish society are the poorest race considered to be outcasts and even robbers, people who were nomads and without any permanent address. It was to these ‘wretched’ people, the message of joy was first delivered. This is the screen capture of the god’s intention to align with the downtrodden and the deprived. Thus shepherds in the lower rungs of the society were the first people to witness the holy birth. Thus the god has declared open his unflinching bias to the poor.

Jesus’ vision and his mission are already made clear from the events of his birth

The mother earth provides everything in plenty to his son. But the modern mortal who discredits the sanctity of this world lured by selfish gratifications becomes forgetful of the primordial message of Christmas. Christmas is an invitation to keep the garden of the God clean, verdure and beckons the sons of God to live in harmony by leading a truthful and selfless life in the service of his brethren. Swami Vivekanda says `the first step in the spiritual path is selfless service of humanity.’ Richness, rank and pedigree are not the relevant thing but a good heart is the basic for peace and tranquility. The restlessness that we behold in this universe is because of the absence of peace at heart. The reason for Children up in arms is not anything else. When we tread to wrongdoings, when selfishness sprouts ,as a corrective force Christ should be born in us.

the people living in darkness
have seen a great light;
on those living in the land of the shadow of death
a light has dawned.”
Mathew 4:16

Christmas is not for earthly celebrations, but for spiritual values it symbolizes. For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life (John 3:16). Christmas is the manifestation of the great love and its sharing.

The journey through bible is adventurous. Bible is the inner light. Jesus is the liberator who has entered in to history to emancipate the trampled and downtrodden.

Bible is the prayer beads of thoughts for the humanity. Christ is the cosmic singer. Bible is the shoulder bag in the tedious and lengthy journeys in search of the inner self.

Sri.MP.Appan the great orator, thinker and critique in Malayalam and a non-Christian who studied bible in depth wrote: When my heart traveled through bible with the eyes and liver of Christ I were able to subject world literature for a revisit. I reclaimed the spiritual light through reading the gospel. The knowledge of Christ was to me the unfathomable song. The Christ who engages in debates and dialectics fascinated me. Christ teaches us to talk with firm tongue.”

Christmas time are the days of dreams and delights, lighting's and gifts. It is the one festivity which transforms this world in to one of starred cities and starred villages.That is the delightful mega stage of stars. The shepherds saw the babe in the manger of a stable in the star city of Bethlehem. They felt that many crores of stars looking at the infant. The Christmas lamps stands symbolize this moment of wonder.

Sri.Appan further says :”Every mother on earth is incarnated in Mariyam.The key to the safety of the individual and the society is with Mariyam.” He observes that the tower of safety is the Christ himself and its keys lies in the hands of Mari yam.

Christ bartered his life for the well being of others knowing fully that there exists a belief that one who meats his death on cross is cursed .By selecting the cross for the mankind the messiah had sung a ballad of breach in his life.

Because we are human mortals we remain flawed. We fall short in many ways, in our daily lives and personal transactions. The man made sufferings caused due to the incessant wars being waged against his fellow man all over the globe over nationalistic jingoism, greed and lust know no bounds. The great irony lies in that the Muslims and Jews are fighting over Palestine where in Bethlehem resides.

Christmas is the time for celebrations. Every street is adorned with Christmas decorations and Christmas lights. Tableaux depicting the birth of Jesus Christ are set up in street corners. “It is a world of singing ca rollers and dancing Santas.“ Christmas tree studded with glittery red, yellow, green lights, twinkling star hangings and ginger-bread houses are the delights of Christmas. Christmas parties and brunches are the unavoidable luxury of Christmas nights. Thousands of people attend to the midnight masses, along with children singing Christmas carols. It is the time for renewing old friendship and feasts When Christmas is afoot with its celebration the world over, the birth of Jesus, the savior of mankind has itself turned in to a fete for lavishing crores in the market. Christmas is also being baptized and bulk-purchased by the global business culture in the market places.

Martin Luther’s song:
The God told his dear son
The greatest crown of the heart
Start your journey, its time for the mediation
Be a Savior for the lost
remove his weighty sin
Kill his enemy the death
resurrect him with you.

The song ends in the holiness of the cross.


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