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The death roars

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This is the word to word translation of a write up from Deshabhimani,Daily in Malayalam by Poulose.M.M journalist and writer.The page titled The Roaring Death in Malayalam can be accessed here.

In India all good things are known after women. 'Bharatham is the mother,earth is the goddess,knowledge is' Saraswathi', affluence is 'Lakshmi' .But a young girl lay bare,life-less over all these concepts,fables,myths and legends.She was lain like a bird arrowed down and decolleted by the male hubrice in the retreating hours of chilling December.

Rape and sexual assault has its own social backcloth. It comes first as a prerogative,then a routine and finally establish itself as legal. In Homers Iliad women body were the banquet for the victorious warriors.Battles for the troops were the blustering eateries of the female flesh.

Shechem the son of Hamor, the prince of the land, "seized her and lay with her and humbled her. And his soul was drawn to Dinah ... he loved the maiden and spoke tenderly to her," and Shechem asked his father to obtain Dinah for him, to be his wife.

A story in the Old Testamond ."Hamor came to Jacob and asked for Dinah for his son: "Make marriages with us; give your daughters to us, and take our daughters for yourselves. You shall dwell with us; and the land shall be open to you," and Shechem offered Jacob and his sons any bride-price they named. But "the sons of Jacob answered Shechem and his father Hamor deceitfully, because he had defiled their sister Dinah," saying they would accept the offer if the men of the city agreed to be circumcised.
How tragic is the settlement of a rape case!

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Rules came for the lapidation of the married women if she was raped.Dictum came for deserting her from home. virginity of the woman is the family possession. There was a time when it was the divine right of the victorious soldiers to humble the women of the vanquished nation.Orphans were born in the places wherever the invaders footed. Beautiful young girls ds landed as courtesans of the king. King Solomon had 700 princess 300 concubines .In countries like Sumeria,Egypt,China,and Japan,a custom existed in which the kept women and personal guards were inhumated with the diseased king.
(an alien version of Sathi)

Shakespeare narrates what Henri V commands to France in the 100 years war....
With conscience wide as hell, mowing like grass
Your fresh fair virgins and your flow'ring infants....
What is't to me, when you yourselves are cause,
If your pure maidens fall into the hand
Of hot and forcing violation?
What rein can hold licentious wickedness
When down the hill he holds his fierce career...?
The ribaldry of the baton of authority.The hymns of wantonness which demarcate the globe with women body.

The assault on women has always been the afterbirth of any army action -when Germany entered Belgium,Japan invaded China,America crunched Vietnam and when Pak soldiers attacked Bangladesh-the shocks that history has handed over. The victory lap of those skulls loaded with explosives, stomp over the women body that shrivels in frisson on the face of cannons. Authority is the hemlock ,war a one-sided honeymoon .In Ruvanda,in Bosnia,in Congo whereever it be power has the lingo of sexual perversions.
Why India?

Here even God is embodied in women power-a concept of half-women-half man. Siv and Parvathy represent the unity or the one-ness of 'power and nature'-the 'Sindhooram' of Kailas. Krishna and Radha are the soul and body-the unremitting waves of Yamuna. Sitha is the rue-some heartbreak for Rama-the chapter of sorrow in Ayodhya. Lakshmi is the recourse for Vishnu-The stillness of the milky ocien.

The God in Hindu philosophy is a passage through all the human sentiments.The God and Goddess in trance of the embrace is the idols in the pantheons.These postures are the sculptural mastery put up in different temples through out India.Embraces are the denseness of the sentience of- undefinable love-a divine spectacle. The sculptors are the communication to the God.The folded hands in prayer are the solitary ferry towards the omnipresent love.The first tomb in the world in to the human sex was created in India.The Kamashastra ,that too written by a hermit.

Despite all this how come the dark spaces here have turned in to the stopover for the mentally aberrated.The public spaces in India are unsafe for the women folk. Dusk and nights are fearsome. Indian daughters are destined to see the moon and the stars in the sky through the half-open windows, as a convict. When the sun sets the second hands of female watches have pulses close to the heart beatings.This is the time of the nocturnal men. When darkness descends, men are the synonyms to the roguish bull. The skimpily clad,short-and-clutching-the-body clothes will be interpreted as invitation for rape.

After the middle ages Europe has undergone tremendous transformations. In the 18th century Law has gravitated towards the victim. The shackles of slavery and autocracy were crunched under the indomitable and wringing hunger for liberation that led to the opening up of pathways for women liberation.In 1700 Mery Asfal opened up a discourse on female emancipation.When the state does not want authoritarianism why should a family have?She asked.When there is autocracy in family,the nation can not wriggle out it. The question Why does male is born as independent and women as slaves has been seething in 1700. Asfal ends it by asking whether it is not slavery to live in with the vacillating ,unpredictable and one-sided male commandments. Voltaire has said earlier that the language of authority is 'I will decide what you should do'. The western women had a trek with the novel laboratory of renaissance.

What happened in India?

There were women in India who debated with Yatnavalkan on Upanishad.It was Saraswathi Devi who asked the final question to Sancharacharya on his escalation to the highest pedastal of knowledge. There were woman who led the army,won the battles.In 1925 the congress president was a lady.Before Britain had a women Prime Minister ,India had one 13 years back.India had women president .Despite all, why Indian women are deprecated?

Why we had bestial men amidst us?

The feudalistic remnants still lingers in our thoughts,in our behaviors. Complete subjugation is what the feudalism demanded.The same is what men expects from women.The man takes himself as the center of power.There was no relation in the same plain.Society and individuals are in separate strata. The consummate submission of individuals are seen in BhagavatGeetha. God,King,LandLord,peasants.The social status also flows down from the top like the routes of Ganga.First from heaven to the Sivas head,then to the Himalayas,to the valleys,finally to the sea. All in strata.

These feudalistic traits have been rewritten in to the family. Faithful wife is good wife,The wife who reels in the restrictions is a good wife.The restricts are defined by the power centers. Belief is all,Belief is karma,Karma is the heaven. Empathy,ethos etc are the words that came along with feudalism.(RS Sharma). All these are the largess the rich served to the poor,the man bestows to the women.

Male was located in the center stage of Feudal Hierarchy.The caste and religious sanctions were also built for that. Democracy has become only a talk of elections. Criticism which had to be cardinal in any discourse has become eulogy .The Renaissance models have ended up on political freedom.The renaissance which consecrated a better God in the place of the existing one remained in the outer layers of democracy.Inside it the vested interests lived unhurt.The feudal mores were never challenged.The women liberty remained as the largess and sympathy of male. The tragedy was complete with the import of the Victorian morality through the British rulers in India.Queen Victoria who looked down on the kisses and embraces tarnished the ebullient aesthetic concepts of the manifestations of human love depicted in the temple murals and sculptures. Queen Elizabeth's dictum that 'Rich ladies should not go out for work 'was in concurrence with the Indian feudal fiets. There was no free interceptions on the imported ethos and the feudal morals.The constricts and the falsehood created psychics .The patients inside the holly apparels looked even at the shadows of women with lust.They licked on the self-satisfaction of private rights when women were subjugated. This has parallels in the narcissism derived by by the foot-soldiers who killed people in the Nazi-camps.

The blood at the alter of Delhi is the sword-edge hived at the demon-faces at Delhi.The never-ending question is 'Man..what resides in your minds!Is it Satan or angel .The roaring death at Delhi is the Boiling sea,the mirror in the grave.


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