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But Dhoni has not tucked the towel!

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The baby of Indian cricket has hogged the media limelight for all the odd reasons.Sreeshanth stole the cover ,this time not by his quick-silver temperament in the sun but presumably for even more ugly reason-having nobbled by the smooth-talking bookies to breach the crickets no-go- areas.The 3 idiots of the comic show are bee lined in a kamikaze flight to the to the forbidden land of bet-scape and ignominy. The trio -Sreeshanth with the other two relatively non-entities in cricket are now lodged in Tihar jail ,in the process of law, for spot fixing ( a relatively fresh coinage for match fixing).More skeletons began tumbling in the cupboard .

BCCIs chieftain's son-in-law is in the thick of controversy of betting on the team of which he is the principal.Sri.Sreenivasan who owns CSK had to step aside(mind you not step down)- not because of any moral compulsions but for the sheer expediency of the situation.A sad commentary is that the the captain of the National team himself is embroiled in a conflict of interests case .With the dust has not settled as yet-several ex cricketers are under the scanner of the Delhi sleuths. Many famous IPL teams are in the dragnet,in the wait to be unmasked .

The cricket chroniclers might bang on about the intricate wheels and deals in IPL .The T20 pageant patented in India ever since its inception is all about filthy lucre,muzzle,starlets,sleaze,bollywood glams,mafia Dons,greedy bookies,skimpy cheer-girls,wannabe women,women escorts to honey trap the players ,bet-crazy punters,post match late night parties where wine and women flowed profusely .The IPL thrives in such cheep stunts presided by the slushy funds of the corporate houses-of which some has direct stakes in it. Its anatomy is such to invite slyboots and criminals.The players are thought as cannon fodder and plunked down dearly for the job they do.It is a business with its inherent murky transactions .Players are not selected but are auctioned as a commodity .Unlike other sporting events like foot ball or baseball where the agents to the player are to be licensed for negotiating on behalf of the player,in cricket the agents who could be a relative or a friend need not be accredited to the governing body. It is the money mill for all including the media who have the access to its doorsill.G.Gunamoorthy ,the well-known commentator on politics writes in the newIndian Express ;"The IPL method of auctoneering of cricketers with top player first and proceeds after wards to next ones is modelled precisely on the Babylonian auction of the most beautiful brides first ,moving down in the order".

We cannot be so gullible to gorge the police leaks with out water.A friend of Shreeshanth was quoted somewhere "He is someone who made a comeback, and was well aware of the match fixing issues. For the sake of a few lakhs, I don't think he would jeopardize his career. I feel something is definitely fishy,"

Away from the middle Sreeshanth is a god loving son for his parents, some one who throws himself for friends and a perfect gentle man to the core for all who loved him.Out in the field the swashbuckling maverick ,the lone genuine pacer as he is ,might appear to be a scumbag on short fuse often looking wildly frantic with his 'forced aggressiveness' ,sleazy sledges and antics-that even his captain could not mend.

Out from action, fighting injuries and his age weighing too harsh against him ,Sreeshanth was frenetic to get inducted in the squad to south Africa.In such a scenario no mortal fool could afford to be humored to be in the point blank range of ignominy. None in his wild guess could surmise that the bookies will be delighted in these piddles who cannot mesmerize the imaginations of the punters.Is there a whiff of treachery in the air?But sure,there may be more than the eyes could meet.Read it along with the match fixing events 13 years back where in the top notches like Azar,Cronjia,Jadeja-captains as they were-were the targets being caught in the mayhem of match-fixing.

Was the whole Thamasa stage managed or cannibalized especially when IPL is a poisoned chalice and a crass commerce of corruption ,greed and lust?

The media led hype centered around the fallacy that a billion is cheated by this trio.The lilliputian format that is the bedrock on which the 500Crore betting racket flourishes is not a campaign for the country.It is not Team India against any other cricketing nation. Could you believe that-in a cinema theater where you pay for the balkany-only to witness some thing rote -be felt cheated? IPL is the bollywood of cricket known for its utter lack of transparency-a brainchild of Lalith Modi whom the BCCI had reprimanded a few years ago.IPL is run by a conglomerate of chrematists wielding great power with no accountability.Spot-fixing is regular.

Does the IPL has anything in its credit to suggest that it is fit to generate an honest national concern?Is there a logic for the flood gate of jingoism so expressedly unleashed in the media blare and by the indignant tadpoles in the internet?IPL is a shared business for the sake of business -designed by the business men.The teams are a queer assortment of worn out warhorses drawn from different cricketing countries and the unheralded but talented domestic youngsters designed tobe led mercilessly to the slaughter house .The format in itself is anti-cricket where batting is the blind brandishing of the bat-grossly one-sided. It is easy to concede runs than to get it.It is a format where a bowler is dwarfed -whose prowess is little honored.It creates the avenue for spot-fixing.

IPL is an entertainment. It is a cosmetic extravagance,the overuse of which has sullied the grace in Cricket. Has the IPL got anything in its credits to point as as its contribution for the infrastructure or other developments in the sports arena in the country ?

There is little wonder that the extravaganza should bring with it the lure for the implicit adventure by way of bets.There are no laws against match-fixing in India even now.The D-gang nexus is its poetic denouement.The D-tag with Indian Cricket dates back to 1990's and is an integral part of its global crime business ever-since.S.Gurumoorthy says that the Dubai based crime syndicate owns half of Bollywood through money and their writ rules Bollywood. Quoting Dainik Bhaskar he says that Davoods link with Bollywood has never been secret.Mandakini ,Sanjay Dutt and Anil Kapoor have been spotted with the  Don.T-series owner Ulshan Kumar  has been gruesomely killed by Davoods men.Rakesh Roshan who defied the Don was  shot in 2000.D-Gang has drawn its dragnet in every sphere of Indian activity-in the police ,in politics,Bollywood and now in cricket.

Delhi Police has accused Sreeshanth of colluding with bookies to bowl a fixed over in which he agreed to concede 14 runs or more. The police booked him under MCOCA alleging his nexus with the bookies who are pones in the bigger dragnet laid by the D-gang.The bowler allegedly given cues for bets by tucking a towel in his trouser before beginning the over

However, Sreeshanth conceded one run less than the concurred minimum of 14.Sreeshanth gave only 5 runs in the first four balls of that over, two of which were dot balls. Senior counsel Pinaki Misra arguing  on behalf of Sreeshanth told the judge. "There were two dots balls in the first four deliveries of Sreeshanth's over. Will a bowler who has agreed to spot fix, like the police are claiming, give away just 5 runs in his first four balls? That means he has to ensure that he gets hit for at least one six in the last two deliveries if he has to concede 14 runs because even two fours won't do." There was nothing fishy or unusual about the fast bowler's second over in Rajasthan Royals's May 9 IPL game against Kings XI Punjab.Misra told additional sessions judge Vinay Kumar Khanna .

There was also nothing suspicious about the fifth delivery that Kings XI captain Adam Gilchrist pulled for a four, Misra argued."That particular delivery was bowled at around 135 kilometres per hour. Only a batsman of the caliber of Gilchrist, who is an excellent puller and hooker of the cricket ball, would have been able to score a four off that ball. Gilchirst pulls and hooks better than the best of Indian batsmen. Sreeshanth is really fast so it was an exceptional shot rather than a poor ball that resulted in that particular boundary," Misra said.

The last ball of the over was bowled according to the field. The ball was around off stump and a packed off side field was in place and it is once again the skill and experience of Gilchrist that made that particular four possible. And he didn't bowl a wide or a no ball or a bouncer that could have been called wide.

Misra also told the court that the "unique signals" that police say Sreeshanth gave bookies — tucking the towel and taking time to warm up — were not really unusual, and submitted pictures of other players on the field, including Rahul Dravid, with towels tucked in.Sreeshanth has played World Cup matches and Tests with the towel tucked in. Fast bowlers especially use the sweat towel to ensure that the ball remains in good condition when the humidity and heat is high. The May 9 game in which Sreeshanth allegedly spot fixed was played at 42 degrees.

Shri Shanths lawyer explained in the court that the best fast bowlers in the world take time to warm up because they bowl at speeds of 135 kmph. They have to warm up properly or they will get injured.

Misra also informed the court that Sreeshanth had paid the bills for all the parties he hosted during the tournament with a "gold debit card" and a "gold credit card". Sreeshanth's bank statements show over 25 transactions, including one in which he spent Rs 1,58,000 on a party at the team hotel.

His fans believe that something is fishy about the police extremism.

If these 3 idiots(if they really were) deserves to be slapped let them stand it ,but only after establishing their crime ,after due process of the law.They are not anti-nationals or traitors.They are not scamsters or those greedy billionaires who stash away wealth in tax-havens abroad nor are they tax-evaders.Don't be swayed by hasty conclusions to join the bandwagon.

Stop!Flash news................


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