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Wings of dream

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              Kambini Giri an obscure village on the banks of  Kabini in Vayanad District in Kerala sits snugly and refreshingly cool in the benign weather. Young Jimi  stands forlorn ,crouched on the door,  stares at  the pathway that runs in front of her cottage as a ritual. Out in the morning breeze were the bratty kids  clad in their bright uniforms after  a resourceful week end,  squalling whining playing pranks under their colourful umbrellas. She was sad as she cannot join them in their bandying though not past the school age. She sobs ,sighs and secretly weeps. Once their friends out of sight ,she silently draws back to her borough in the hut only to reappear sharp at fifteen minutes past  four  when the children return back home with their usual churlish pranks. She keeps the midday meals ready in the tiffin box to forget the pain of being cut away from the school.

             It all started at the age of five when suddenly she would fall for no reason. In the beginning she would stand up effortlessly after a fall. Soon she found that she couldn’t help herself during the falls. It was  Mascular Distropia in the medical jargon -a group of disorders that involve a progressive loss of muscle mass and consequent loss of strength that affect up to 1 in every 5,000 males. Muscular dystrophy is caused by genetic mutations that interfere with the production of muscle proteins that are needed to build and maintain healthy muscles. There is currently no cure.

           Jimis parents ,daily waged labourers as they are , had to run pillar to post to meet the medical expenses of the child. Soon their second daughter Sumi also began to show similar symptoms. The two were friends more than sisters. The affliction grew with them with the nursery classes .All systems  of medical treatments were tried-out but of no avail. Jini thirteen and Sumi at nine were now tied to the wheel chairs for ever. Sumi was lucky to attend up to seventh class. By now the parents had the piece of land  sold out and are in no way to hire a vehicle to send their children to school.

                 None can hold back when destiny beckons. Their  home became their school, the kitchen their laboratory and the nature the university.
It was sheer grit and unflinching determination that lead them. They attended  the upper primary exams at KabaniGiri school. When they reached Higher secondary classes, teachers from Nirmala School stood by them. They helped them to clear doubts in Computer lessons. Each exam was a fight with life and disease. Jimi scored 90% marks in Secondary classes followed by Suma with 80% .They passed plus Two with 85% marks for imi and 76% marks for her sister with humanity as their subjects. They learned glass painting and handicrafts.
           They were denied degree admission in the  nearby college on the pretext that daily attendances are a must which they cannot guarantee. Obstacles were many for parallel education as well. At times, the parents even thought of retreat and put their children on spiritual classics.
                When all the doors were closed a College named JDT,Vellinod came with the glitter of hope .The patrons of the  college  Sri.Rasheed ,the vice President and Chair Person Sri.CP.KunhuMohammed came as saviours. Coaching,loadging and mess were offered free. They bought them self controllable  wheelchairs-even put op ramps and lifts for them. They bought them lap tops too.

                It was three years intense pursuit in the shadows of kind hearted Vellimadikkunnu. Jini came out with first rank  and Sumi with first class. They both finished post-graduation  in Multimedia with top ranks and entered in to the  teaching faculty in the same collage. The Eastern Bhumika Award and Yes Bank award came in their way. In the midst of the course they made a documentary titled  ‘Life of Wheels”.

                It is seven years that Mary is living with her Children in JDT. She lives with  them. They wanted to be with their mother always. They wanted her presence from the morning ablution till they are asleep.They reminisce in one mind.”Our mother taught us on concave and convex lenses with a steel spoon .She taught us the litmus test with the Hibiscus. Mother is the fount of our strength in  our life. Without her fond care and vigil we won’t be here.”

                In the class rooms they get the affection and care of their students .Their  students  knew what their teachers want. The students set the microphone and projector for them.
Jiji and Simi  do not think of research as they are tied to the  wheels  and research  involves a lot of travel. A government job is a must for them for  a more secure life. Their parents are  in financial straits and suffer health issues. Their father Jhon is bedridden over a  vertebral fracture after a fall .He can not go to work. Mary has a cervical problem which hold her back.

Bizarre are the ways of destiny.
Coutesy: Deshabhimani-Sunday Newspaper-31-12-2017


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